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The E-Pay Portal: Offer Your Clients Online Bill-Paying Convenience

Give your patients the opportunity to pay bills and instantly update their medical records online - without having to wait on hold, speak to multiple customer service representatives, or rely on the postal service. Patients are provided with a unique account login and password right on their medical statements, that they can begin using immediately.

Medical Account Control at Your Fingertips

Configure your company's unique E-Pay Portal to the exact preferences you specify. Depending on your selections, your patients can benefit from the following convenient features:

More than one way to pay. Give patients the option to pay by check, credit card, or debit card - right inside their personal account with your company.

Instant account updates. No more misspellings or delays in correspondence - patients can update their address information with a simple account log-in.

Instant insurance updates. Avoid delays in processing or miscommunication caused by policy changes and oversights. Patients can note changes in their policy or insurance carrier right in their own medical record.

Comment log. Track communication as a means of resolving account issues or explaining a special circumstance in detail. Clients can add comments directly to their account record.

Instant insurance policy access. No worries about misplaced or destroyed paperwork; no more faxing or reading passages over the phone. Patients have instant online access to their entire insurance policy right from their E-Pay account.

FAQ area. We provide a comprehensive FAQ that addresses common concerns of both new and existing patients. Having the answers within easy reach reduces the amount of phone communication and hold time experienced by your patients.

Medical glossary. Your patients can look up specific medical terms and jargon in an online glossary that can be viewed from their account log-in page. Helps patients get a full understanding of their medical insurance policy and your company's billing process.

Record printing. Save money on paper and ink - printing and storing of medical records is entirely within the patient's control.

Net Medical Solutions can simplify your billing process, expedite payments and maximize the growth potential of your medical practice. To learn more, simply fill out the form on our contact page or call 1 800 466 8480 to speak to a customer service representative.
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