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Net Medical Solutions offers a receivables service where we manage all aspects of your patient billing and collections. The fee for our basic medical billing service is a percentage of the total revenue collected per month on your behalf.

Sign up for this service, and dramatically reduce your company overhead.

We absorb the majority of administrative costs including but not limited to:
  • hiring and training staff members
  • purchasing computer equipment and proprietary software
  • ongoing software support fees
  • postage, supplies, forms, and printing
  • phone and long distance service
  • other administrative processes, materials and technology
When you sign up for our medical billing and collections service, you are automatically entitled to the following, at no extra charge:

Data Entry. Service includes posting charges to patient accounts, account data entry and cash posting.

AR (Accounts Receivable) Analysis. Service includes both appeals generation and the creation and distribution of appeals letters.

Mailing Service. We generate, assemble and mail paper claims and patient bills as well as send refund letters to patients and insurance companies on your behalf.

Insurance and Payment Follow-Ups. We maintain ongoing professional relationships with insurance carriers, attorneys and workman's compensation companies on your behalf.

Aggressive Follow-Ups. We follow an exact procedure for collecting claims that remain unpaid up to 120 days. If circumstances require it, we later recommend a course of action for the physician to use an outside collection agency on accounts left unpaid after a six month period. 

Customized Practice Management Reporting. Service is offered via the Internet and/or by postal mail.

Data Transfer Options. Archive your medical records and export to a secure, password-protected platform that's accessible via remote access on the internet and integrated with all aspects of your business.
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